Wi-Fi Solution

Providing connectivity with visibility

Many businesses are providing free public access Wi-Fi to its customers on premise are doing so to increase traffic flow and user retention in order to increase revenue. However, this inevitably incurs cost from the maintenance of guest network infrastructure and Internet line.

With this solution, we are bringing you this feature today, are:

  •   Seamless Connection
    • Your customer UserID can be used in the customer location area without the need to re-login in each area during the stay around.
  •   Easy Controlling
    • You can control, evaluate and monitor operational devices installed and captive portal and landing page features that can be managed at any time by the admin. Landing pages can be web, text or video can be operational according to your needs
  •   Zero Deployment
    • The ability of "Zero Deployment" which allows setting and provisioning to be done centrally and remotely so as to streamline work
  •   Integrated System
    • Can be integrated with your system


    Comparison of Traditional Hotspot Topologies with Profilling Wi-Fi

    This solution packs all essential features in a powerful appliance, simpliļ¬es deployment and optimises costs, while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures.

    The device can be deployed as an integrated gateway, including all capabilities in a single appliance - router, firewall, AAA/RADIUS (with analytics engines), captive portal CMS, and wireless AP controller, saving costs from procuring and managing multiple boxes while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures.