Monetize Wi-Fi Solution

Transforming Cost Center into
Revenue Platform

Many businesses are providing free public access Wi-Fi to its customers on premise are doing so to increase traffic flow and user retention in order to increase revenue. However, this inevitably incurs cost from the maintenance of guest network infrastructure and Internet line..

Given a wide enough public access Wi-Fi coverage, advertisers are now interested in paying for ‘clicks’ and ‘views’ of public access Wi-Fi users, in this way, generating additional revenue for business owners.

Create an additional revenue stream with Monetize Wi-Fi Solution, advertise at fingertips

  •   Customizable login portal
  •   Collect & analyze user profile
  •   In-session ads injection
  •   Stream on-board videos
  • Connect . Engaged . Monetize

    Value adding with our solutions. Engage your users in real-time, start today.

    All HSG/HSA series has the advertising feature built into the firmware, it just needs to be enabled. Hence, the first step is to connect a mbox HSG/HSA in your network.

    In order for you to monetize your public access WiFi, users will need to be connected through your public WiFi. Start broadcasting the public SSID to engage your customers on premises.

    Advertisements will be pushed to users connected to your network automatically on a regular basis. Receive monthly reports on the “ad-viewership” on your premise and receive monthly payouts.